The Official Culinary & Gastronomy Institution of The Royal Embassy of Human Completion and Soul Survival


San Francisco Bay, CA | USA

In staunch evolutionary adherence to The Law of The Food of God—as detailed in The Declaration of God’s Final Grail and Biblical Testament—The Royal Magdalene™ Culinary & Gastronomy Seminary and Organic Virtual Restaurant Empire are established within Royal Embassy of Human Completion and Soul Survival. The recipes and techniques of The Royal Magdalene™ rustic gourmet cuisine were personally, carefully cultivated throughout over twenty years of culinary mastering and testing by Melissa Anne Cain—The Second Coming of Mary Magdalene.

Sharing and teaching The Food of God is an absolute necessity to feed and present God’s Children with the number one physical source of bodily nourishment and earned luxury as only God can do. With the sole usage of only the freshest organic produce, grains, meats, and creams, and Total-Housemade Methodology, God’s Newly-Minted Era of Dining modernly reinvigorates the Old-World, Family-Compound Culture Humanity was originally designed to partake.

The photographs displayed here are a Divine eight-year compilation of select dishes which inspired the final Seminary curriculum and menus. A long pilgrimage to New Orleans, where The Book of Death was written and staged, combined with a lifetime on the Monterey Peninsula in California, inspired the culinary repertoire of The Royal Magdalene™ Cuisine.Raised in the Monterey Bay, California, Melissa Anne is the 3rd Great Granddaughter of Honoré Escolle—Master Mason & Founding Father of Carmel & Monterey, California, by way of New Orleans from Salernes, France during the “Gold Rush to the Gilded Age.”