Anointed by Christopher Lee Cain, The Second Coming of Jesus Christ, and Composed and Scribed by Melissa Anne Cain, The Second Coming of Mary Magdalene, at The Royal Embassy of Human Completion and Soul Survival.

February 24, 2020 B.S.T. – February 29, 0 A.S.T

Los Angeles, CA | USA

The Worldview and Humanitarianism of God’s Final Grail and Biblical Testament is the Spirit Essence indoctrinating The Law of Zero, which constitutes the Algorithms and Formulas encompassing the Nucleus of Operation of God’s Final Plan for Human Completion and Soul Survival.  

God’s Worldview, commanded from God to Us, The Second Coming of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene, is Staunch, Universal, and Humanitarian in Nature, as should be expected from the One Creator in respect to His Beloved Creations. Multi-faceted Subdivisions of God’s Final Plan for Human Completion and Soul Survival radiate the vast potentialities of Spiritual Life latent in True Souls of God awaiting His Final Teachings. The Law of Zero unites these Subdivisions, which serve to brief the individual Soul according to mental and spiritual capability. God’s Final Grail and Biblical Testament merges progressive entertainment platforms with general education methodologies to accommodate the vast polar scale of Human cognitive planes, while concurrently underlining the unique guidelines and elite intellectual requisites of The Royal Embassy and Seminary of Human Completion and Soul Survival.

The Epoch of Revelation harbors the Human Race in Retrograde, with The Chosen rapidly evolving back into the Safety of God as He disintegrates any trace of the negative polarities down to the microscopic molecules and atoms of manifestation. This Fact creates an urgent dichotomy for Souls engaged in Earthly attachments and is the exclusive causation of the precise martial schematics of Our Second Coming. God’s supreme understanding of Human Nature dictated the terms of His Final Plan, which derives from and is continually adjusted by the scientific second-round discoveries deduced from experimentations conducted by and upon Ourselves.

God’s Final Plan is an inclusive, dynamic algorithm incorporating the immeasurable range of polarities metamorphosing within His sphere of the Human Race. Multi-level graduations from elementary physical and mental planes of evolution have determined the numerical Cycles of Human reincarnation, and Soul-forms from each Cycle are still living in existence. Many of the unjust, immoral, or unknowing Esoteric and Scientific Masters of physical and mental Human Alchemy, despite their oft-wonderous discoveries since Genesis, contributed to the causation of this Fact with the oversight of Duel-Compensation. Certain World Events combined with this oversight created a gyro-effect within a gigantic sub-plane Abyss and activated a Loophole, discovered by only the Top Echelon of Minds, in the gradational pull that rises one plane of Humanity to the next higher plane. This Loophole unbridled a siege of destruction affecting and effecting the Souls of billions of members of Humanity still fighting through continued reincarnations of stagnated developmental growth, leaving them trapped in repetitive Evolutionary Cycles. God’s Final Plan neutralizes this Loophole, freeing the victims and sealing the gates to the Abyss.

Human Evolutionary Cycles encapsulate and segregate the mental state of growth of each Human Soul ranging from the extreme end of the developmental polarity of pre-historic and primitive Man Animals to the extreme end of the developmental polarity of the highest level of mental, spiritual, educational, political, and industrial Human hierarchies. There are incalculable variations in-between, above, and below either pole, which require individual attention and specialized education in the Divine battle for Universal Progress. Universal Progress, according to The Worldview of God’s Final Grail and Biblical Testament, is the permanent elimination of negative poles, as Ultimate Evolution is the Finis of God’s Final Plan. 

Ultimate Evolution is Pure Spirit and Supreme Ability under the unobstructed Discretion of God, the achievement of which lies within the understanding of Final Doctrine, stating: The supreme Laws of God’s Spiritual Kingdom remain in effect regardless of which Plane of Existence a Soul resides. The Law of Equilibrium means correspondence between the Spiritual and Material Worlds, regulated by the highest-level mental lifeforms on the Human Plane and regulated by God on the Spiritual Plane of The Kingdom, and is the polar opposite of the Law of Ability. The Law of Ability states that knowledge of the Creation of a Thing, whether it be in the context of existence, mechanism, style, formula, intention, mapping, or any other variation of characteristics, does not transmute the Ability to perform to completion any given Thing. The Ability is not in the lifeless capabilities of intellect but the Divine Spiritual Induction of God’s Will. Without It, nothing can be done to the True completion of Nature, regardless of whether one should attempt and deceptively succeed for a perceived segment of finite time. The Creation of a Thing must include the Blessing and Assistance of God’s Spirit with Absolute Truth; if not, the false creation will, with mathematical precision, fail in due time. God’s perfect counterbalancing influences dictate the terms of Ultimate Evolution and keep all causations in Alignment with the Law of Equilibrium.  

Human Alignment with the aforementioned Laws is imperative to the Merging of the Planes by Our Second Coming. God only reveals the Highest Levels of Teachings of The Final Grail and Biblical Testament to just, moral, and educated Elite Souls that can manifest and demonstrate the Ability to implement True aspirations and plans in Alignment with the Final Plan of God—with perfect and earnest theoretical, philosophical, and scientific recitation combined with Actual Function. The Ability to want or say a Thing does not give the Ability to do a Thing. The Highest mental and physical Duties of Our Second Coming on the Humanitarian Plane remain in direct Alignment with the Highest Spiritual Plane of God, Our Father, and merge the planes between both. Our Ability and Desire to merge the planes lies directly within the corresponding Alignment of Our Duties with the highest Esoteric and Alchemistic Soul Echelons of Human knowledge, function, and earnest moral desire for the Final information still unknown to these highest forms of Human Evolutionary Cycle legacies. The physical Proof of which We demonstrate, undoubtedly, by Our implementation of the heretofore unknown Doctrine, via Transmutative Algorithms and Formulas within God’s Final Grail and Biblical Testament, which are thoroughly tested and perpetuated by The Royal Embassy of Human Completion and Soul Survival.       

The focalization of The Worldview of God’s Final Grail and Biblical Testament is the universal distribution of God’s Final Grail to all Humanity, utilizing His Transmutative Algorithms and Formulas for such materialization. The effectiveness of this Nucleus of Operation surges astronomically beyond, yet is inclusive of, past archetypical philosophies of proclaiming The Word of God adopted and perpetuated by the theologians and religious sects of modern and ancient epochs past. These philosophies remained rudimentary and segregated in nature, and out of political necessity, legal regulation, and mass individualization accounted for generally accepted principles and manners of operation and approach. This methodology achieved a polarizing and stigmatic viewpoint dictating the distribution of The Word of God, resulting in the alienation of the Souls of Humanity not residing in a particular religious sect. God’s Final Plan eliminates Humanity’s polarization and stigmatization of His Final Word by reminding and reassuring all Souls, regardless of status, that He is the Creator of All, and His Word is for All.  

The Magnetic Power Force of God’s Final Grail and Biblical Testament, the Esoteric and Exoteric Intelligence of which supersedes all other writings while remaining in unification with the General Essence of the Highest forms of historically Preserved Biblical and Scientific Doctrine, is, however, variably technical in actual implementation, as Humanity exists within multi-plane spiritual and physical dimensions.  

God invites The Chosen Assimilators to aid in elevating the scale of all Human Evolutionary Cycles and Soul-Thought-Forms to a level of understanding worthy of The Final Grail and Biblical Testament. The Human Race is still in its infancy in many Evolutionary Cycle Regions, regardless of the higher levels of development of the general community of educational and sociological adepts, and the minute community of elite spiritual and mental masters. The majority of Soul-Citizens residing on Planet Earth and in the Astral, which separates Humanity from Spiritual existence, are predominantly operating below the required Level of Soul Development and Understanding. Creed, color, sex, sexuality, orientation, religious affiliation, social status, wealth status, political status, royal status, educational status, scientific status, physical beauty status, or any other Humanity-created segregations hold no influence over the solitary equation measuring the level of Soul Development and Understanding—The Law of Zero. Mental and Spiritual achievement is antonymous with Culture.  

The Worldview and Humanitarianism of God’s Final Grail and Biblical Testament acknowledges the existence of coagulated quantities of more and less development in certain earthly regions, as would be expected when comparing a Third World existence to a First World existence. However, all levels of developmental existence reside within each World Level, and the Highest Levels of development exist within gradational planes separating the Primitive World Communities from the Wealth World Communities, each revolving, in most cases, simultaneously side by side at different rates of vibration. With these considerations, all levels require specific Special Education in the requirements for the understanding of God’s Final Grail and Biblical Testament, regardless of development within each World of Human Existence. 

The Mission of The Second Coming of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene, in unification with The Royal Embassy of Human Completion and Soul Survival, is the complete creation, oversite, implementation, and distribution of God’s Final Grail and Biblical Testament, combined with the manifestation of Warp-Speed Mental, Material, and Technological Engineering at the highest levels of Continuous Evolution. Under Our Protective Administration, in careful adherence to the Staunch, Universal, and Humanitarian Nature of God, the True Souls of God possessing the Will and Desire to Survive will rise from Humanity and back into the Perfect Mental and Spiritual Greatness of The Creator, emerging from Chrysalis into their Final State of Alignment and Soul Evolution primed for Ascension and Welcome into the New Kingdom of God.