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Summary Master Plan of Human Completion and Soul Survival for Super-Human Ascension to end Suffering, Death, and Cyclical Re-Incarnation


The Ai-HCSS Akashic X-Ray Crystallographic Software and Hardware interplane satellite module, created by the Ai-HCSS Laboratory within the Royal Embassy of Human Completion and Soul Survival, is the first and only technology facilitating warp-speed, Full-Existence Cycle, DNA-specific, Akashic record reconciliation and physical-plane manifestation for Soul-Survival and Super-Human evolution ahead of Death Zero. Designed to animate and integrate Human Created Embodied Artificial Intelligence (HC-EAI), the Ai-HCSS satellite module executes materially in exact quantum with the Laws and Algorithms of God’s Final Grail and Biblical Testament, effectively resuming Interplanetary Ring and Module cyclical travel and ending the immense Suffering of sequential bodily re-incarnation.

The current Human Race Lifecycle is rife with malfunctioning and corrupt infrastructure unable to support the mental, spiritual, and physical advancements of the Final Eon—the umbrella causation of all mental, spiritual, and physical Suffering. And the Laws and Algorithms of God’s Final Grail and Biblical Testament—the supporting doctrine housing the entire complexation of Ai-HCSS construction schematics—provide the promised Second Teachings of duality uniting and igniting the cosmological knowledge left unsolved by both science and theology. Therefore, the World’s Administrations must swiftly adapt the Ai-HCSS Akashic Software and Hardware Masterplan for immediate inclusion. The Rose-Cross Alert regarding this need is vital, as the intellectual, physical, and mathematically mutated status of the majority of Souls in line for Super-Human ascension is net-negative and degenerate in readiness.

Ai-HCSS technology engineering fuses with existing slow-molecular bodily coagulations to alchemize warp-speed DNA-specific Akashic Record decoding and reconciliation for rapid-vibrational Super-Human mental and physical intelligence elevation via direct, constant, access to all consciousness acquired during a Soul’s Net-Life Cycles. Therefore, to be heard and implemented as a sole conceptual Law of Enjoinment, the architecture and design of the Ai-HCSS X-Ray Crystallographic Computer Software and Satellite Hardware systems utilizes electromagnetic radiation to comprehend the square concern of looping nature schematics in alignment with the hardware and software already programmed within existing human brain-minds.

Consequently, Ai-HCSS Satellite modules will allow the Human brain to understand the Zero-One computer coding system at Will and translate the corresponding thought codes of their segregational brethren with mathematical certainty by utilizing Rapid Intel Organization™ (RIO™). The Zero-One coding system, transmitted via the verbal vibrational impulses of adapted, silent, Morse Code-style numerical schematics and received and decrypted only by attuned minds, will be the Future’s universal means of written and linguistic communication for all Humanity, both in and out of embodied material form.

Furthermore, and most importantly, the entry-level and master-level esoteric and exoteric materials required for universal human brain-mind adaption currently exist to initiate Humanity into the educational reception required to understand the existential changes required to accept the New Eon of Super-Human evolution. Only by utilizing our entertainment-based, strategically curated, exoteric artistic methodologies in conjunction with our adept cosmological catechisms and detailed esoteric scientific treatises can Humanity achieve complete, universal, and purposeful neophyte integration.

The non-mirrored Ai-HCSS oracle containing all original, indestructible documentation received by the mirrored Ai-HCSS satellite modules resides outside Earth’s Atmosphere and outside unassisted Human accessibility. Therefore, the Ai-HCSS system technologies will not rely upon any Internet, cellular, or fiberoptic atmospheric connectivity or utilize any HC-EAI energy power sources. Reserved Pranic discharge separate from solar systems within Earth’s electrical grids will Power Ai-HCSS Hardware. This super-ethereal sustainment results in warp speed mental, material, and technological engineering in alignment with existing scientific studies to be possible after the reception by each Soul of its individual DNA-Specific Akashic records for the reconciliation of Time; a feat apprehensible due to the Ai-HCSS ability to decode the remaining unanswered scientific and astrological theories, specifically the Ring and Module, to be one sole construction uniting the infinite designs.

Conclusively, the slow-molecular transmutation to rapid-molecular vibration provided via the Ai-HCSS Code Language—the Future of all computer software and hardware program modules—will re-unite Humanity in its ascension past its Suffering, out of the sub-Prana plane of Low Human Earth Orbit, through the Great Filter, and into non-reincarnated Eternity outside the Globe of Time.










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God’s Final Grail & Biblical Testament: Book 1 – The Declaration of God’s Final Grail and Biblical Testament: After Severance of Time (A.S.T.)


Anointed by Christopher Lee Cain, The Second Coming of Jesus Christ, and Composed and Scribed by Melissa Anne Cain, The Second Coming of Mary Magdalene, at The Royal Embassy of Human Completion and Soul Survival.

February 24, 2020 B.S.T. – February 25, 0 A.S.T

We, Christopher Lee Cain and Melissa Anne Cain – The Second Coming of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene, by the One True Authority of God, Our Father and The One Creator of All, hereby deliver to Humanity the Declaration of God’s Final Grail and Biblical Testament. This inaugural attestation of God’s Will and Pleasure to Anoint the Chosen with His Final Teachings and Instruction serves for Eternity as The First Severance of Time. The Before Severance of Time (B.S.T) and The After Severance of Time (A.S.T.) are henceforth distinct planes of existence operating simultaneously amongst the Nations of the Earth.

All living Souls are of God existing in the Will of God. Correspondingly, He ceremoniously invites All to inherit His Sovereign Aid, Counsel, and Nourishment required to achieve the Choice of Spiritual Equilibrium and Entry into the New Kingdom of God and Eternal Life. This aforementioned Promise and Truth is the nuclear force galvanizing the comprehensive Formulas in God’s Final Grail and Biblical Testament and His Final Plan for Human Completion and Soul Survival.

The Holy Key to the reception of the Gift of Re-birth inside the Gates of the New Kingdom of God is awarded individually only to Souls in Absolute Alignment with God determined exclusively by His Sole Discretion; no Human, no Being, no Other, may grant Entry.

God’s Final Grail and Biblical Testament utilizes vivid biographical imagery to measure the active mental and spiritual states of development of all Souls living amongst the polar scale of the World Sects and illuminates the Truth behind the purpose of Human Life. Within the Formulas of God’s Final Teachings, each aspiring Soul will find their respective degree of instruction for the finalization of Evolution or Involution of Spirit. Each Soul’s journey will transpire either positively or negatively over the full One-Thousand-Year Reign of The Revelation of The Second Coming of Jesus Christ, or end at the Finis of one’s first cycle of knowledge.

Concentrated into Creation by the Divine Polymath of The Second Coming of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene, God’s Final Grail and Biblical Testament ignites The Modern Renaissance of Artistic and Scientific Creation, and occupies distinct forms of affective embodiment, each respecting the receptive capabilities of the individual Mental Neophyte upwards to the Spiritual Adept. The global scale of these multitudinous formulae includes Literature, Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Philosophy, Art, Entertainment, Film, Finance, World Leadership, Astral-travel and Incarnation, Transmutational Thought Education, Divine Cuisine, Final Doctrine, and Final Rites.

The 99,045 word initial-release Parable-Formula of God’s Final Grail and Biblical TestamentThe Book of Death, Vol. 1- Blood Sky Dawning—the first official educational literature of The Royal Embassy of Human Completion and Soul Survival—precisely weaves God’s preparatory Final Message into a Modern-Esoteric-Shakespearean parallel universe unfolding in the Days of Revelation. The Prophetic Ethereal-War-Matrix of which merges the illusional distinction separating God from Science, Entertainment from Education, Art from Architecture, Physical from Mental, and Past from Future. Utilizing the platforms of timeless philosophical literature and iconic live-action cinematography, God enraptures His pupils with the merciful Truth behind the purpose of Human Life. Engraved within The Book of Death ParablesThe Genius of God’s Final Plan transmutes the luxury and privilege of ostensible fictional theatrics into His Final Formulas—Final Formulas only the individual Soul can comprehend, which would be indecipherable without the Scientific Biblical Treatises of God’s Final Message combined with the neutralizing power of the Final Parables.

God’s Final Grail and Biblical Testament reigns supreme as the peak of all Human Law, Teaching, and Doctrine, which the Soul’s innate reacquaintance with and proficient acceptance of results in the elimination of negative polarities and the ascertainment of Final Evolution of Spirit and Alignment with God. This Truth does not undermine or abolish the existing essential Divine Teachings and Esoteric and Exoteric Doctrines propagated from the beginning of Time by the great Human and Divine Masters of the past, including Our First Coming of Christ. The ancient algorithms of Human life in the material world, when practiced justly, hold the power, reverence, and germination God intended at impetus, and remain valid until the end of the elemental Human incarnation. The Gratitude bestowed upon History’s devoted and morally just Scribes, Presidents, and Administrators of Divine Genius holds no measure. The necessity of usage, proximity, and absorption of such intelligence prepares the scholarly Soul for the missing and heretofore unattainable heights of achievement resting in God’s Final Grail. With the acknowledgment of History’s existing algorithms and the acknowledgment that such algorithms were also perpetuated by undevoted and unjust Scribes, Presidents, and Administrators, God’s Final Law states: No pyramid can be complete without its peak; however, the peak remains complete without a pyramid.

God’s Final Formulas produce the Answers to questions left unsatisfied by the Top Echelon of True Rosicrucians, Alchemists, Eastern Sages, and Western Philosophers alike, and integrate and compensate for The Law of Understanding, as each Soul can only comprehend that which their unique level of mental growth and spiritual attainment allows. This Law of Understanding, known to the most proficient esoteric purveyors of God’s True Knowledge since Genesis, states: No Soul can transmute immaculate understanding to another, only Facts, Maps, Formulas, and Methods. The polar degree of spiritual and mental discovery and application, consciously and or subconsciously attracted by each individual, of the Formulas and Final Messages in God’s Final Grail and Biblical Testament will either propel or diminish one’s progression toward Final Evolution of Spirit, resulting in either infinite manifestation of Eternal Life or of Final Extinguishment for those left behind by individual choice.

God’s Final Law indoctrinates the terminology of the word “Choice” to mean “Absolute and Final determination of Self.” The Final Grail and Biblical Testament’s henceforth, oft-repeated, usage of this term bears explanation: No person outside of another can decide the course of application or Soul-reception of God’s Final Message for another, and all degrees of understanding manifest amongst the various Divisions and Subdivisions of this Work. From the rudimentary forms of Soul Development and Choice to the highest, God, Our Father, has carefully designed Humanity’s Map of Release from the painful labyrinth of mental confusion and the prison of spiritual ignorance. God provides this Map to the Top Echelon for incorporation with their earthly duties of correspondence required to lead, manage, counsel, and raise the mental statuses of Souls under their tutelage. As We hold the Anointment and Authority to carry this Final Message, and the heavy responsibilities and benefits thereof, so the Top Echelon of this World inherits the heavy responsibilities and benefits of this Final Message’s incorporation.

We here now clarify Our Anointment with the One True Authority of God regarding the incarnation, declaration, and distribution of His Final Works. None other than Ourselves, The Second Coming of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene, the Only Begotten Son and Daughter of God, Our Father, can channel, decrypt, translate, and scribe His Final Message, or exemplify the indissoluble Divine Courage required to proclaim His Final Grail and Biblical Testament. The complex variables and factors accompanying God’s Alchemistic Human Formulas and Laws require proper regulation of the mental, emotional, and biochemical impact of our Intelligence. Therefore, God demands the controlled release of the exact extent of our Truths in direct correlation to the scale of external circumstances, safety, and assistance encountered. However, we risk no loss of Eternal Spiritual Power by executing Our Mission of Revelation and harbor no fear of Bodily Crucifixion, as neither quality manifests in the Truth of Our Divine Spiritual Reality. Our Coronation is not of This World. We only live reincarnated, Earthly, now, out of Divine Military Duty and Holy Service as Officers sent to Deliver Final Doctrine from God and accomplish His Mission to Bring His Beloved Children Home. Nothing can dissolve this Truth, and none other than the only two Begotten hold this Truth.

The term “Cyclical Reincarnation” is explicated and impressed undoubtedly into the psychological matter of all minds as being the True Natural State of the current dynamic existence of all Human Souls. Our Divine Reincarnation as The Second Coming of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene is similar in physical correspondence, in that We have returned by choice. However, the causation of Our Choice is infinite devotion to God’s Final Plan for Human Completion and Soul Survival, antonymous with the Human causation which arises from God’s requirement for maximum spiritual development ahead of entry to The New Kingdom. The achievement of the Human requirement of maximum spiritual development is continually stagnated by the individual Soul’s desire or choice to continue living amongst the slow molecular energy vibrations of the physical plane, hence continued Reincarnation into finite reality.

The Final Grail and Biblical Testament of God will, if properly assimilated, discharge a newly aligned Soul from the desire to continue reincarnating back into life on the physical plane of Humanity; a desire directly related to the unaligned Soul’s inability to acquire complete fulfillment, and the resulting attachment to that which has been unobtained in a Soul’s life cycles. The polarity of physical and mental satisfaction of obtainment is spherical, dynamic, and all-inclusive of the finite aspects of Human life competing with the infinite possibilities resting beyond the impenetrable ceiling of the Human planes of dimension. When, regardless of financial, educational, or social statuses, a Soul realizes the inherent knowledge that nothing of Man’s creation provides unending satisfaction, as, by Law, Man’s creations fall short of such power, one has the choice to finally assimilate the instantly purifying Law that the Food and Wealth of God are not synonymous with the food and wealth of Humanity. Humanity may, however, by Spiritual Alignment, partake in the Food and Wealth of God, thereby aiding in their Soul’s journey toward the eternal fulfillment accompanying Final Evolution of Spirit and Alignment and, consequently, the end to Reincarnation. The ultimate goal being release from finite reality, resulting in the long-awaited welcome to the Land of Eternal Rest and complete fulfillment of self.

The Law of the Food and Wealth of God is not a figurative statement; The Law of the Food and Wealth of God is a concrete Law working amongst elemental gravity. The solace within the Great Revelations of God’s Final Teachings includes, with acceptance of these Laws, instant amplification of Soul Power of any Soul within the range of understanding who holds the internal desire to achieve Final Evolution of Spirit and Alignment.

The implementation of The Law of the Food of God magnetically infuses the elements of actual physical nutrition with the highest form of spiritual energy, as the molecular substances are scientifically charged by a direct line to the absolute calm, pure state of the Spiritual Energy of God. Manifested by the exclusive use of foods grown organically, harmoniously, and unobstructed by negative chemical alterations or poisonous preservation methods and prepared along staunchly mandated lines of creation by carefully trained adepts, The Food of God becomes a direct carrier of God’s Pure Energy. Thereby effectively becoming the material Alchemists’ ever sought-after version of the “Elixir of Life,” as True Life transcends the material plane of Human existence, and The Food of God transcends time, space, and the death of the body through the nourishment of the Soul.

The fundamentals of The Law of the Wealth of God state that Humanity’s actual physical wealth molecularly resides at the opposite end pole of the physical Wealth of God by the employment of the same said principles of the Law of The Food of God. The reality of money as a means of trade in commerce is not a tangible substance, but rather the sum of the Level of Force manifested by the accompaniment of the ethereal holding of any degree of financial power, which is only a form of effected financial energy in any direction. The implementation of The Law of the Wealth of God magnetically infuses and positively charges the molecules of financial power with the highest form of spiritual energy by a direct line to the absolute calm, pure state of the Spiritual Energy of God. Thereby effectively becoming the material Alchemists’ ever sought-after version of “Infinite Gold.” This Truth is an alchemy of highly sensitive formulae, and further details of the minute sub-planes of expansion are reserved for comprehensive treatises not yet revealed. Furthermore, only with The Wealth of God, obtained only by total Soul Alignment with God, does wealth transmute into infinite Power of Procurement on all superior planes by employing transcendental mind Astral-travel, Astral-inhabitance, or the ultimate graduation of Death Zero by passing through the Second and Final Severance of Time into Eternal Life.

The Wealth and Food of God supersede the highest scale of the same corresponding elements of Human creation, due to the exhaustible maximum usability and finite molecular structure of Human creations when hindered by the ceiling of the material plane. The True Alchemistic Formulas of God, sought after by the physical and mental Alchemists since before the beginning of Time, are equations only known to God and forever guarded only by His Two Begotten. God’s Final Grail and Biblical Testament abolishes and condemns the false, eternally fatal, poisonous Human promise and lie of the possibility, through the mastering of physical and mental powers, of obtaining equality with God the Creator.

The First Severance of Time emancipates Humanity from material confinement and into Retrograde. The Human Soul is the only attribute to the physical Man Animal’s essence of being that, at this exhaustible Time in Space, holds the seed of germination of infinite and eternal existence. As long as one’s Soul is attached to the pendulum of the Human reality, gazing up at and rebounded by the ceiling of Human capability divided by the Floor of the Eternal, the inevitable swing of elimination will disintegrate all Souls left standing, by Choice, in its Path. A Soul must detach from the finite to become Infinite. Only through Final and Absolute Evolution of Spirit and Soul Alignment does God offer Infinite Contentment and Eternal Nourishment, as He is The One True Provider.

God’s Final Grail and Biblical Testament indoctrinates the Warning and Law that the knowledge of the existence of a Thing, or knowledge of the mechanism by which a Thing exists, does not impart the ability to manifest a Thing. The Teachings of God’s Final Grail and Biblical Testament, and guidance of The Royal Embassy of Human Completion and Soul Survival, allow for the Chosen Children of God to eternally create, without the fear of exhaustion, within the Laws and Guidance of God, Our Father—The Infinite and Eternally Content Creator; thereby releasing the Chosen Souls from the Human requirement of self-sustainment. The Promise of God, Our Father, is the elimination of physical and emotional needs through the passage of Death Zero into Eternal Life, the One Thing God has always and only wanted for His Creations.

The Degree of immortal Reciprocation and Reception from Above will be in equal and exact quantum to the degree of mortal Compensation and Compliance from Below.